Swingin' Sounds

Moveir student - and guru of deep track music selections - Jeff Hughes took a little inspiration from some recent swing dancing sessions with the incomparable Kelly Palmiter to compile a short but sweet list of songs to freshen up everyone's playlist.

In Jeff's own words..."If I had to describe Kelly in a word, it would be “fun loving”. Ok, that’s two words. But even that doesn’t do him justice when it comes to his swing dancing. So I thought that I would list a few out-of-the-ordinary tunes to push his envelope."

Been There, Done That (Francine Reed)

This song is so Kelly – great beat, great lyrics and, oh man, what a voice.

My Wife Thinks You’re Dead (Junior Brown)

There are good novelty songs and there are bad ones. This is a good one. But what makes it great are the acoustic guitar bridges.That’s talent!

It Ain’t the Meat, It’s the Motion (Maria Muldaur)

The Swallows cut the original in 1951 but I like Maria Muldaur’s cover better. It has an energy that makes you want to get out on the floor.

She’s No Lady (Lyle Lovett)

This is one of those songs that just begs for styling. Or, as Kelly might say, “doin’ curves in a straight away”.

Dance with Me Tonight (Olly Murs)

Admittedly, Olly is often a Bruno Mars wannabe. This song, though, has a unique retro feel. And you can’t help but love the intro.

Take a listen, or better yet, try these songs out the next time you are practicing your swing dance moves.

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