Fueling your Fire for Dance!

What sparked your interest in dance, or even this article about dance? Was it interacting with a special person? Or the social aspect of it? Or maybe you’re looking for a fun way to exercise? Whatever your reasoning, there are some exciting ways to turn that spark into a blaze!

Kelly Palmiter

Think of something that you do well, and something that you do easily. These might even be the same thing! Can you imagine dancing as easily as laughing, or enjoying it as much as your favorite dessert? Well let’s make that happen!

Going to lessons and group classes are just the first steps (no pun intended). The best thing to do to truly get the most out of your dancing is to find more occasions to dance!

  1. Try mixing up your normal routine by taking lessons back to back, or doing multiple group classes on the same day. The closer you keep your lessons and classes, the faster you’ll progress.

  2. Another great way to get more out of your dancing is by attending practice parties or local events, like a dance in the park. Attend these as early into your dancing as possible. The point is not to be perfect, but to practice. As my friend always says, “practice makes improvement.”

  3. A third option is an immersion approach. Many dance styles, if not all, have entire events dedicated to that style. These events can be anything from workshops, to dances to even competitions. The duration ranges anywhere from a one day local workshop, all the way to the world famous Herräng Dance Camp, which is 5 weeks long!

If you try some - or better yet all - of these ideas, I guarantee these tips will fuel your fire for dance!

See you on the dance floor!

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