Getting Started

We make dancing at Moveir easy – no contracts, no sales pressure. Instead, we offer pay-as-you-go lessons, simple bundle passes, discounts for college students, and even periodic FREE beginner classes to help you start and continue enjoying dancing.

You get to decide what dances you want to learn/practice and how you want to do that at any given point - no private lesson minimums, no group class maximums.

We also specialize in wedding dance choreography & bachelorette parties.   


Pricing & Packages

BEGINNER’S PACKAGE - $240 (single or couple)

Includes 4 50-minute private lessons!




Includes music and dance selection consultation, customized dance choreography, 4 50-minute private lessons.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


Entry to beginner-level classes is $10 to $15 see calendar!

Entry to intermediate-level and advanced-level classes is $15 see calendar

Entry to master-level workshops with special guest instructors varies in price.


50-minute private lessons (for 1 person or couple) start at $70

50-minute semi-private lessons start at $45/couple for 2 couples, $40/couple for 3 couples, $35/couple for 4 couples, and $30/couple for 5 couples

50-minute lessons with special guest coaches varies in price.


What to Wear


We recommend you wear clothes that allow you to comfortably move. Fabrics that "breathe" are best (dancing is a form of physical activity, after all!). Avoid torn or frayed clothing, and pants and skirts that are too long, as they might cause you to trip while dancing.



To keep our dance floors in great condition and keep you and others safe while dancing, we do require that you bring clean, dry thinner-soled shoes that aren't worn outdoors and that are secure and comfortable on your feet. Especially when you are just starting, you do not need special dance shoes for classes or lessons.  If you aren't sure about what type of shoes to bring, just ask us!

Dances We Teach

Do you want to learn dances that you can use at the local dance venue or while you are on vacation? Have you always wanted to try belly-dancing? Or maybe you want to impress a special someone by learning tango? Has a television program inspired you to try performance or competitive dancing?

Come join us to learn a wide mix of dances, or stay focused on just a few - whatever approach matches YOUR interests.


Our group class schedule is always a reflection of our studio community’s current interests and preferences. Check our studio calendar for current class offerings - we change them about every 6 weeks. 


Of course, Moveir's instructors teach many dances beyond those that are the focus of the current group class schedule. They'd love to work with you on the types and styles of dance you like.

Options for Learning & Practicing


Learn and practice a specific dance with an instructor-led group of others at your same dance-level. Most series are 6 weekly classes. No partner necessary.


One-on-one time with an instructor, customized to your individual dance level, interests and goals. Private lessons are 50 minutes. For an individual or one couple. (Semi-private lessons with multiple couples available upon request.)


Open dancing floor to practice with other dancers what you already know and are currently learning. Open to everyone, regardless of student status. No partner necessary.


Learn and practice choreography and technique for a specific dance with a group of other dancers. Opportunity to perform at studio and other events.


Customized program of private lessons, group classes, and coaching sessions to prepare for competitive events.


Individualized consultation and private lessons focused on preparing a couple or small group to perform a routine for a specific upcoming special event (e.g., wedding, anniversary, etc.)


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